New Abandoned Baby House

In Pointe-Noire, there are many babies abandoned either at the hospital in the maternity ward or in pediatrics or on the street. We will receive them into our abandoned baby house in conjunction with the judge of children.

In this house they will receive love, affection, nutritious food and a good upbringing.

We found a house to rent and have signed the lease for April 1st. We are looking for many things to equip the house as well as commitments from people for monthly food supply and donations to help pay rent and salaries for the widows we will hire and other costs.

We are also looking for missionaries who would commit to a period of time of at least 6 months to live there and manage this home, bringing knowledge and expertise that would also train the widows who will be working there.

If you are interested, please email us at

See the photos of the empty house...

This is the road the house is on
Comes without the toilet on the veranda! 
This is Amour, part of the Mwana national team,
in front of the gate

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